Friday, October 14, 2005

So sorry

So sorry to not update until now. And to be honest...I have to run. My schedule is too intense with rehearsals right now..There will be a long update to come!! I promise.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Here I am

Here I am .... CHINA?! Weird. I was too tired and excited to write after I got off the plane yesterday. But the flight wasn't as bad as I thought. The exit row was great...They even didn't say a thing when I used my carry-on as a foot rest...Well more like and ottoman..It was great. The cast seems like a really great group of people! And for once I'm not the youngest. So we got off the plane and even though I was very tired I pushed myself to go to the gym. Justin, Carl and myself found an amazing gym called "Phisical" just across the street and they gave us free day passes. Came back took a little nap, then we all met up for dinner at the theater. It is a fantastic space at the Macau Cultural Center overlooking the ocean. Amazing architecture what I found so interesting was that they use bamboo scaffolding? Thousands of years of technology and they still use bambo tied together to surround their structures, and I'm talking very nice high rises. Ok, so after dinner some of us went to "The Cave" a smaller Chinese version of Kahoonaville. It was ok, but there were two for one drinks so that was great. Woke up this morning and went on a run along the ocean (I woke up at like 5am) and here I am. More to come I'm sure...OHH check it out, my cd got reviewed on talkin' broadway!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Can anyone tell me..

Can anyone tell me why my " and ' marks didn't work on my last post?

So here I sit...

So here I sit. A long day of goodbyes and packing is over. I’m watching a Sex and the City rerun and eating peanut butter and strawberry jam with a big spoon, as I tend to do when I’m nervous. By the way that’s my favorite snack in the world…I'm a pig, I know. But I figure where am I gonna find Jiff extra creamy and Smuckers Strawberry in China? I’m not…so it’s ok to eat two days worth of calories in 20 minutes (…uhh I’m ridiculous and I now have an awful stomach ache. So at this time tomorrow night I’ll be on a 20 hr flight. A 20 hour flight. Twenty hours of my life on an air plane. 20 hours sitting in a small seat next to a stranger. Perhaps I’ll like the stranger. Actually the last two long flights I had I sat next to the president of the national endowment for the arts and Montell Williams…I’ll let you all know how it goes (I say “you all” as if anyone is reading this..hahah) no matter…I’m gonna keep this blog because my memory is no good and this will be a great way to keep those memories at arms length. So my wonderful parents bought me a fantastic translator as a parting gift. You type in what you want to say and it speaks the translation back in the language of your choice. Ok, Conan is on now ( my fave. My sister wrote me a great card and got me a bag full of magazines and candy and my brother…well I’m not sayin what he got me. My best friend, Austin got me this great book called “Why Men Have Nipples” to read on the plane. It looks great…it’s a funny little book that answers questions that everyone has but no one knows the answers to. So I’m leavin to the airport at 6:30 from philly have to meet the rest of the cast at Newark at 9 and we don’t leave till midnight…long day of travel. I hope I like the cast. I’m sure I will. The only person I know is the actress playing Maria and she is fantastic and a very sweet. Perhaps I’ll be seated next to someone in the cast…I hope so. I requested one of the emergency door seats so I’d have more leg room…but I was just told by a friend that she thinks that those seats don’t recline?!? Please don’t let that be true!!!! I’m contemplating slipping the stewardess a hundred dollar bill to be bumped to first class 2O HOURS!!! Man. Ok..lets see what else.. My dog is sitting next to me. I’ll miss her so much…and really appreciate that my parents are going to be taking care of her for me (I write that in hopes that they read this) Ok…more to come from the airport during the 3 hours that I have there. Until then Zai jian ( good bye in Chinese :) )