Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Ok so I woke up to a snoring girl today at 5am after going to bed at! Plus I have all these things I want to write about from the great time I had last night, but I left the journal I'm keeping upstairs in the hostel room and don't wanna go back in there and wake people up. There are now 6 people in the room. 3 girls from Brazil a guy from .... crap, I forget somewhere in Mexico, David and myself. One girl snores and the Mexican guy keeps making strange loud noises. Very nice people though. Ok, I have much more to update but I think Id rather do it at the end of the day today when I've not just woke up and I have my journal on me. David and I are going back to Bologna to drop of our luggage a friends house then we're drivin down to Pisa!! Not sure where else we're gonna go but you can be sure I'll fill you in later. BTW I'm really missing my family and friends...I usually don't after this short amount of time, especially my baby. Ok, it's almost 7 and the kitchen is about to open for our free breakfast...Guess I'm gonna make it today, will let you know how it is. I know you're all falling off your chair in anticipation to hear about my breakfast..Ok WORD OUT - J Dogg
ps. pics will be posted tonight..I hope
a few on here and for all those who know my snapfish account
all will be on there... Perhaps David and I will set up a
snapfish account just for this trip...will tell ya later

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I am sitting at the computer center of Hostel Archi Rossi. I think as hostels go this ones pretty great (excuse all grammar as the key boards here are different). I have to say Id rather be at a 5 star hotel any day. David and I got to Bologna around noon yesterday. The car rental place messed up and didn't have a navigation system waiting for us :(...but they upgraded us to a great Volkswagen Golf! So then we were gonna go drop off the bulk of our luggage in Reggio Emalia with a friend of a friend of his but we were unable to get in touch with her so we drove around aimlessly for a few hours and kept trying to make phone calls. We got lost and stopped at the shittyest looking pizza place to ask for help...we ordered a prosciutto pizza for their was our first taste of Italy and it was the best pizza I've had in years! Its hard as hell to figure out these phones!! And I guess the day after chrismass is a holiday here so there was nowhere for us to get phone cards or cell phone chips. Skip ahead a few hours and we finally found our Hostel after a one hour drive from Bologna, 1 hr of getting lost in the maze of streets that is Florence and another hour trying to find parking. But we made it. Settled in to our digs and went to a near by restaurant. Worst service ever...Food was ok, not great. Got a bit tipsy on their house vino blanco and David and I caught up. Got back to the Hostel and made friends with the Mexican students staying with us in the hostel room. They asked us to come out to some club across the river...i was popped and wanted to call my family, friends and Jaimie so I took a rain check. David followed suit. I talked to everyone on Skype (had and am still having some serious problems with skype and my mic). Got to bed around 2am and slept till 1030. Good thing I woke up as they kick us out at 11 until 2pm! Today David and I got cell phones and all is good in the world. I slept through the free breakfast they serve here and David dragged me out of bed to go mingle the outdoor markets and we walked to the top of the Duomo a 15 min walk up the most winding staircase (i have pics that ill post later today if i can)The town is much history and culture, so much good food. After the Dumo we had a fantastic lunch at Gusto Leo (Via del Proconsolo more great pizza... i think i need to stop with the pizza here, i know there is so much variety i need to be more open..Oh David had duck!!! said it tasted "gamey".. i didn't have the balls to try. I had pizza with prosciutto and pineapple....soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and the bruchetta..TDF! We took in a bit more of the city and now im here. I could write so much more just about the last day but all of it could be summed up in a few ill just post those. Oh, and i just found the cutest little market with like spiced meat and wines and olive oils and oh..i took a pic of that too so youll see. I bought a 1/4 kl of prosutto, ill let you know how it is! Young....out

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Ok, I'm sure no one reads this anyway...but I've been very bad at keeping my promise to keep this Blog updated....but all that is about to change...I hope. So here's what's going on with me. The tour of West Side (the best production ever) is on hiatus till January then we go non stop for a long long time. I'll have the complete tour schedule very soon. Basically its Europe for a few months then lots and lots of Asia. But the fun part is that one of the other guys in the cast and I are going backpacking in Italy for a month starting Christmas day!!! We had nothing else to do, so why not? We're just gettin of the plane, renting a car and drivin. If anyone has any suggestions of places not to miss, please email me! I'll do my best to get online and update the blog with stories and pics on our adventure, but who knows where we'll find the net out there. I'm out more to come later