Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Ok, well here's another try. New Years Resolution #1. Keep a daily blog. I have tried so many times to no success. It's weird, I'm a guy who resolved to lose 100 lbs and was successful, but I can't write a daily blog....I'm really gonna try this time. Hmm.. what's on my mind..oh well, I just finished reading the book "Grapes of Wrath". Amazing. I've really only read plays and musical scripts and biographical works for character research in the past few years...this was the first novel I've read, since like 2005. Anyhow, it was incredible and makes me very excited to be a part of the 2011 Stratford production, which starts rehearsals in a month and a half. I urge everyone to read this book, it makes you appreciate what you have, and family most of all.

The book also made me realize I look way to well fed to play either of the roles I got coming up...Neither Connie nor Judas lived in "a time of plenty" and neither had I suppose that is new year's resolution #2: lose 15 lbs. Ugh.

Ok, what else...Spiderman The Musical. Ok, sure I'd rather a show by one of my talented and deserving friends who have studied long and hard about what makes great musical theater would have a shot at a production with 1/60th of what the Spiderman budget is...but it already is what it is and I wish people would stop wishing bad things on the show. Accept that it is there and move on. It can't hurt to be supportive. The show is employing many many people and in times like this we should all hope they stay employed. I truly hope that during this preview process the powers that be are able to make the show as strong as possible and that the show runs and is able to employ people in my field for many years to come. Those who don't think it has artistic integrity don't have to go see it or audition for it.

I think that's a good enough entry for today... OH... how could I forget. I don't think I've really announced that I'm working on a new album. A patron of Stratford has been VERY generous in offering to fully produce a new album for me. We go into the recording studio in early February. It will be co-produced by myself and Brian Lowdermilk and will feature a mix of fully orchestrated re-imaginations of some of Broadway's most beloved classic tunes as well as new interpretations of popular classics from artists such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan. I will be debuting new music by 4 of the leading songwriters/songwriting teams in current American Musical Theater. There will also a song from Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar as bonus tracks just for my Stratford Friends....more info soon

oh and vote for me!! Toronto Fan Choice BroadwayWorld nomination for Best Actor In A Musical